Scrapbooking is a technique for safeguarding, showing, orchestrating individual and family ancestry as a book, box, card. Run of the mill memorabilia incorporate photos, printed media, and work of art. Scrapbook collections are regularly designed and every now and again contain broad journaling. Scrapbooking began in the United Kingdom in the nineteenth century, yet is currently fundamentally a United States marvel.


Interwoven or “pieced work” is a type of embroidery that includes sewing together bits of texture into a bigger plan. The bigger plan is normally founded on rehashing designs developed with various texture shapes (which can be diverse hues). These shapes are cautiously estimated and cut, fundamental geometric shapes making them simple to sort out.

Interwoven is frequently used to make quilts, yet it can likewise be utilized to make packs, tapestries, comfortable coats, pad covers, skirts, petticoats and different things of attire. Some material specialists work with interwoven, frequently joining it with weaving and different types of stitchery.

At the point when used to make a blanket, this bigger interwoven or pieced configuration turns into the “top” of a three-layered blanket, the center layer being the batting, and the base layer the sponsorship. To shield the batting from moving, an interwoven or pieced quilt is frequently sewn by hand or machine utilizing a running fasten so as to diagram the individual shapes that make up the pieced best, or the sewing lines might be irregular or very arranged generally speaking examples that appear differently in relation to the interwoven structure.


Weaving is the specialty of finishing texture or different materials utilizing a needle to apply string or yarn.

Weaving may likewise fuse different materials, for example, pearls, globules, plumes, and sequins. In current days, weaving is normally observed on tops, caps, coats, covers, dress shirts, denim, dresses, tights, and golf shirts. Weaving is accessible with a wide assortment of string or yarn shading.

A portion of the essential methods or join of the most punctual weaving are chain fasten, buttonhole or cover line, running line, glossy silk line, cross line. Those join remain the major strategies of hand weaving today.